pumpkin patch

We never actually saw the pumpkin patch at the pumpkin patch.  Clearly we were doing something wrong.  Apparently we should have taken the tractor ride?  Maybe that would have brought us to the old patch of pumpkins.  Instead we did the corn maze wherein Justin tested my sense of direction.  Newsflash: I don’t have one.  Even using the “map” they gave us.  We went in to find station 1 and ended up at station 6 (that was Justin’s doing) then he said “now you lead us out of here.”  So I did.  We made it!  A word of advice though, never go in a corn maze when you have to pee.  It makes everything more stressful.

Ollie was dubious of the whole situation.  The corn.  The pumpkins.  Even the weird guy that I accidentally said hello to.  Please note that I don’t call strangers “buddy”, nor do I call my guy friends “buddy” so please go ahead and assume if I say “what’s up buddy?” I’m talking to my child.  There’s really no need to say hello to me like you know me weird beard corn maze guy.

DSC_0002Judging the indian corn.


DSC_0014 DSC_0016Tapping the pumpkin.  You can’t trust something until you’ve tapped it for a couple minutes.

DSC_0022In this picture I imagine he says “so I guess these are my pumpkins… now what?”

image2 (6)He listens very well when he’s read to.  So does Lady.  Stupid dog.

image3 (6)

image4 (6)Church outfit.  So cute!

IMG_5839Exersaucing like a boss.


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