Perhaps it’s coincidence, perhaps there are no coincidences, or it could be due to the fact that the Earth passed through a heliospheric current sheet yesterday (whatever that means), but it seemed like everyone just had a bang up day.  Bang up meaning not the best.  But also not the worst.

Example not the best: The brakes died on Justin’s (my) car and he had to take the jeep to work leaving Ollie and I to fend for ourselves on grocery day.

Example not the worst: The brakes died in the driveway.  They could have died anywhere in this hilly town but they chose the driveway.  I have a feeling that had nothing to do with the heliospheric current sheet and everything to do with God intervening.  Shout out to Jesus.  Thanks!

Also not the best is Ollie’s new habit of waking up at 6 am.  It’s too early.  Ugh.

image1 (9)All geared up to walk.  What better to do when you’re stranded without a car?  Ollie says thanks to Grandpa Gross for his jacket.  He likes it a lot but not the hood…

image2 (8)Possibly my new favorite picture of us.

image3 (8)Cool kid in his beanie.

image4 (8)Being a clown.  This picture was taken 45 seconds before he grabbed a handful of his own poo.  Then things snowballed and he just had to take a bath.

image5 (6)Ollie the Orator giving an impressive speech to himself in the mirror after his bath.

image6Rocking a mohawk.

image7He didn’t feel like taking an afternoon nap, so he had to come sit by me on the couch for a while.  He was delighted with himself for sitting there like a big kid despite the fact that he was wearing his nap sack with duckies and stars on it.


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