weekend: daylight savings time ended…

Justin loves when daylight savings time ends because he gets an extra long day.  I hate it because it confuses the crap out of me.  Also, no one told the baby we got an extra hour to sleep this morning.  Oh well.  Justin is a peach and gets up with the baby on the weekends when he wakes up too darn early.

This is what Ollie did this weekend.

IMG_6380He ate spaghetti.

image1 (15)

Complained about being bundled up to do yardwork.  Surprisingly, he enjoyed the yard work.  Justin carried him around and plunked him on the ground and Oll talked and played with his mittens while Justin raked.

image2 (14)Ollie voted.  Or he tried to while I did.

image3 (13)Took a nap with me in the big bed.

 image4 (12)Chose his own toys.

image5 (9)Considered crawling.

image6 (3)But then thought better of it and found my cooling racks instead, pulled them out, and banged them around the kitchen floor.

All in all it was a successful weekend.  We’re bummed that tomorrow is Monday.


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