Ollie didn’t have a costume this year because we didn’t go trick or treating.  Inevitably, I would eat all the candy.  So in an effort to eat healthier we turned off all of our lights and didn’t go out on Halloween night.  We stayed in, ate pizza (we’re being healthy remember…) and carved Ollie’s first pumpkin.  He loved it.  He stuck his hand right in, grabbed a handful of pumpkin guts, and tried to eat them.  Naturally.

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We had a fun weekend.  On Saturday we went to Justin’s grandparent’s farm where Ollie had a blast.  He conquered his fear of pine trees.  Learned about horses.  Cuddled everyone.  And barely slept.  He was a little sleepy today, but it was worth it.  These are the pictures from Justin’s mom’s camera and my cell phone.  I’ll add the ones from my camera tomorrow.

on the move. . . almost

Ollie has been trying his darndest today to get wherever he wants to go.  He pulls himself across the floor to get to his favorite toy, or even better, the dirty kleenex pile that he’s not supposed to eat.  I’m gross.  I know.  But he has so many boogers right now that if I threw out each kleenex every time he needs his nose wiped, I’d be going to the garbage can every two minutes.  Baby colds are not fun!  Ollie has two other friends right now with ear infections too.  It’s a club they have that I’m not too interested in joining.

Justin is on overtime again.  The funny thing is he’s been on overtime for the last week and a half and just found out today.  At least he’s been working so much that it’s really not that much extra.  We’re all excited for the upcoming weekend.  We have nothing planned but homework (Justin), learning to crawl (Ollie), and doing laundry whilst figuring out how to make a delicious frosting for pumpkin spice cake (Megan).  In other exciting news, I turned in the rest of my application for grad school today.  Everything is due October 31st, so for me this was down to the wire.  Hopefully I should hear in November what my future will look like.  I’d really prefer to get accepted, but I know that God knows what is supposed to happen and it’ll all turn out ok.  But in the meantime, let Him know I wouldn’t mind getting a letter that starts out “Congratulations!”

And now for your daily dose of Ollie.

image1 (6)Sharing lunch with Lady.

image2 (5)If there have ever been bluer eyes, I haven’t seen them.

image3 (5)The beginning of one of his scoots around the living room.

image4 (5)Ollie got to get up close and personal with lady today.  He sucked on her ear and then tried to hold her paw.  She was confused about that (she loves to “shake paw”) so she held it up and then he tried to take it.  There was a slight struggle over the paw and I had to tell them both to be gentle with each other.  Lady definitely was being her gentlest I just didn’t want Ollie to feel bad…

IMG_5783This picture is super blurry, but I love how happy he is in it.